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Aid for Africa

The Aid for Africa website has been set up for the primary purpose of helping the unfortunate in Africa who are in dire need of help. These include those who are suffering from the effects of poverty, disease, war, famine, natural disasters and man made disasters or any number of the afflictions that continuously seem to plague Africa. We strongly believe that there no matter how bleak the future seems, there is still hope that Africa will turn around. We believe that God has not abandoned Africa but has a plan. We also believe that you and me may be part of the plan. Throughout the bible, we are called to help those less fortunate then us. Indeed this was a big part Jesus' ministry. And even if you do not believe in the bible, we still strongly believe that we need to help our fellow man.

This site is one of the ways that we hope we can use to help improve the lives of the unfortunate in Africa. We want to be able to provide information about areas in Africa that are undergoing some sort of disaster, and organizations that are involved in helping. We hope that we can educate you on Africa, and also provide useful links to organizations at which you may volunteer, or simply donate money.

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